Majid Masso

Majid Masso, PhD

Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

PI: Iosif Vaisman, PhD

College of Science

George Mason University

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red bullet   PhD Bioinformatics, George Mason University, 2006

red bullet   Professional Certificate in Bioinformatics, University of California at Santa Cruz, 2001
red bullet   Studies in Biology and Biochemistry, San Francisco State University, 1999-2000

red bullet   Studies in Biology and Biostatistics, UCLA, 1998-1999
red bullet   Studies in Biology, University of Delaware, 1997-1998
red bullet   ABD Mathematics, University of Delaware, 1993
red bullet   MS Mathematics, University of Delaware, 1990
red bullet   BS Mathematics, University of Delaware, 1985

red bullet   Curriculum Vitae

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red bullet   AUTO-MUTE: AUTOmated server for predicting...functional consequences of amino acid MUTations in protEins.

Explore the suite of predictors!

red bullet   Analysis and prediction of protein structure and function
red bullet   Knowledge-based statistical potentials at the amino acid and atomic levels
red bullet   Functional genomics
red bullet   Computational protein mutagenesis

red bullet   Machine learning methodologies and tools

    red bullet   Prediction of the functional consequences of amino acid replacements in proteins
                        red bullet   Computational methods applied to vaccine and drug discovery
                        red bullet   Phylogenetic analysis (my book with Arun Jagota)
                        red bullet   Mutant Activity Prediction Databases (also available on the AUTO-MUTE homepage left side navigation)

HIV-1 Protease

Bacteriophage T4 Lysozyme

red bullet   MathFest 2003 Presentation, PowerPoint slides
red bullet   St. Mary's College and James Madison University Presentations, PowerPoint slides

red bullet   Ph.D. Dissertation Defense, Presentation Slides (pdf format)

red bullet   Summer 2005 Student Internships: Reading Materials

red bullet   Summer 2006 Student Internships: Reading Materials
red bullet   George Mason University 2007 Colloquium and Protein Structure Analysis, Presentation Slides (pdf format)

red bullet   ISBRA 2008 Presentation Slides (pdf format)

red bullet   Computational Methods in Molecular and Solid-State Systems 2008 Student Workshop, Presentation Slides (pdf format)

red bullet   Fall 2008 MAA MD-DC-VA Sectional Meeting at Hood College: Presentation Slides
red bullet   Novel Pedagogical Resources Based on Protein Structure Analysis: Presentation Slides
red bullet   Using Biology to Teach Geometry: Protein Structure Tessellations in Matlab, Presentation Slides
red bullet   Book Chapter (18. Structure-Based Machine Learning Models for Computational Mutagenesis) in Introduction to Protein   
      Structure Prediction: Methods and Algorithms (H. Rangwala and G. Karypis, Eds.), Wiley, Hoboken, NJ, 2010
red bullet   ICDM 2010 BioDM Workshop, Presentation Slides
red bullet   BIOSTEC BIOINFORMATICS 2011 Conference, Presentation Slides
red bullet   ACM-BCB 2011 Conference,  Presentation Slides
red bullet   EMBC 2011 Conference, Presentation 1 Slides, Presentation 2 Slides
red bullet   SMB 2012 Annual Meeting, Abstract and Presentation Slides
red bullet   EMBC 2012 Conference, Poster and Presentation Slides
red bullet   BIBM 2012 Conference Presentation Slides, CSBW 2012 Presentation Slides
red bullet   Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM) 2014, Presentation Slides

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