George Mason University 
School of Systems Biology 
Fall 2023 
BINF731. Protein Structure Analysis 

Thursday, 4:30-7:10 pm
Blackboard Collaborate Ultra
3 credits

Instructor: Iosif Vaisman
Office: Colgan Hall, Room 312B
Office Hours: By appointment

Course description: Review of computational methods for the analysis, classification and prediction of three-dimensional protein structures. The course covers theoretical approaches, techniques and computational tools for protein structure analysis. The topics also include protein geometry and topology, 3D structure databases, protein modeling and engineering.

Course Requirements: The course will include two project assignments and a final exam.

Grading: grades will be based on the project assignments (66%) and final exam (34%).

Course outline

Lecture 1 --- B3 (ch.1-2), B17
Lecture 2 --- B4 (ch.2.3)
Lecture 3 --- B3 (ch.17,28)
Lecture 4 --- B9 (ch.2.2)
Lecture 5 --- B15, B16
Lecture 6
Lecture 7
Lecture 8
Lecture 9
Lecture 10
Lecture 11
Lecture 12

Homework assignments

Assignment scores

Sample HTML code
Jmol tutorial (by Andy Hoang)

Course reading materials