\ Syllabus  
George Mason University 
School of Systems Biology 
Spring 2024
BINF630/BINF530/BIOL580/BINF401. Bioinformatics Methods 

Thursday, 4:30-7:10 pm 
3 credits 

Instructors: Iosif Vaisman and Deborah Ngan

Course description: The course covers theoretical approaches, techniques and computational tools for DNA and protein sequence and structure analysis. The topics also include biological databases and internet-based bioinformatics resourses. 

Grading: grades will be based on homework assignments (33% + 33%) and final exam (34%).  


Lecture 1, A1, A18
Lecture 2, A10
Lecture 3, A16, A19
Lecture 4, A11
Lecture 5, A11
Lecture 6, A7, A13, A14, Ch.4.1-4.7, Ch.5
Lecture 7, Ch.6, Ch.4.8-4.10
Lecture 8, A17, Ch.9, Ch.10
Lecture 9, Ch.2,11,12
Lecture 10, Ch.2,11
Lecture 11, Ch.2
Lecture 12, Ch.13
Lecture 13,
Lecture 14,

Homework assignment 1
Homework assignment 2

Assignment scores

Reading Materials


Sample HTML code
Jmol tutorial (by Andy Hoang)

Review topics