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GeneOrder and CoreGenes

Currently there are two tools, with different input ranges.


GeneOrder is designed for comparing two genomes, listing the order of the related, orthologs and putative orthologs, genes:

  1. GeneOrder4.0 extends the input limit to large and commonly interested bacterial genomes, ca. 4Mb+.


CoreGenes is designed to analyze two to five genomes simultaneously, generating a table of related genes- orthologs and putative orthologs.  These entries are linked to their GenBank data.  Further work will allow a researcher to characterize the relatedness of these genes:CoreGenes1.0 has an input limit of 350,000 bases.

  1. CoreGenes (CGUG) 3.5 adds a batch process for semi-automated processing. This software is currently limited to genomes 2Mb and smaller. It requires your email address to return the results as it will take additional time to process.
  2. CoreGenes 4.0 provides support for larger genomes, and provides hierarchical, as well as fully enumerated orthologs across each pair of genomes.

Human Adenovirus Genome/Genes percent ID Comparison Tool