Determines the core set of genes in a group of small genomes.

Please paste protein sequence in the box provided below.

Example of Custom Data Format

Click here to submit a GenBank file to be converted to CoreGenes custom format (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)


Click Here for Dr. Andrew Kropinski's instructions for manually converting GenBank genome data into a form compatable with CoreGenes (External Link)


For this particular application >gp is required and [ ] is required. Part of the information given in [ ] bracket will be echoed by the application while reporting the results so that the user can identify the query and reference sequences.

NCBI Accession number for Reference genome :
NCBI Accession number for genome1:
NCBI Accession number for genome2:
NCBI Accession number for genome3:
   Custom Data   
   Enter BLASTP high score ranges in the boxes below. Each gene from the Query sequence is compared to all of the genes from the Reference database using BLASTP. Gene pairs which match with a BLASTP high score above the threshold values that you enter below are reported. You can specify up to three ranges and your results will be color coded based on the BLASTP scores you enter below.   

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