CoreGenes3.5: A Webserver For The Determination Of Core Genes From Sets Of Viral And Small Bacterial Genomes

(Please use genomes that are ~2Mb or less in size)

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1. Mahadevan, P., King, J.F. and Seto, D. (2009). CGUG: in silico proteome and genome parsing tool for the determination of "core" and unique genes in the analysis of genomes up to ca. 1.9 Mb. BMC Research Methods 2:168.
2. Mahadevan, P., King, J.F. and Seto, D. (2009). Data mining pathogen genomes using GeneOrder, CoreGenes and CGUG: gene order, synteny, and in silico proteomes. International Journal of Computational Biology and Drug Design 2:100-114.
3. Zafar, N., Mazumder, R. and Seto, D. (2002). CoreGenes: A computational tool for identifying and cataloging "core" genes in a set of small genomes. BMC Bioinformatics 3:12.
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